Monthly Archives: September 2011

These new beauties are from Surface to Air and they are just perfect. Found them at Freudian Kicks in Oslo. The funny glasses are from an exhibition I went to last friday at KHiO.

Earlier work of Camilla Hegsbro (picture C. Hegsbro)

Saturday I got a guided tour at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The guide, Camilla Hegsbro, did an excellent job showing us the studios and workshops of the metal art and jewellery faculty. I was thrilled, as you can imagine! Camilla is a 3rd year bachelor student at metal art and jewellery. The guided tours were part of the Oslo Open concept I wrote about earlier.

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Anna Talbot was wearing a Camilla David ring. Talbots work is also quite fenomenal.

Anna Talbot. Check out her blog here. Picture from

On the way home we obviously stopped here:

And found this: 

Stunning. Rachel Weisz on the cover of AnOther Magazine issue 21. Shot by Craig McDean (stills from a short film). Picture from

So yesterday was at the opening of Galleri Format. They’ve given the place a facelift and are now celebrating their 20th anniversary with the exhibition Graft – an exhibition mixed with established and new artists, like Anna Talbot, within arts and crafts. More info here.

If you’re in Oslo today you can go and see Graft at Galleri Format or visit the some of the 237 open studios of artists with Oslo Open.