The colour white is currently invading my brain. My clothes and jewellery (and my new iPhone!) are all under the white spell. So today these white trousers from Weekday joined the team. Can’t wear them quite yet though – living in Norway, and April equals rain, cold and grey at the moment.  But don’t they say it’s good to have something to look forward to?

Picture via Weekday 

One of the things I love (yes LOVE) about having a small apartment, is that it forces you to be creative. Here’s a detail from my mini “walk-in” closet. I’ve used Ikea PS cabinets (took off the doors), some wood found by the sea and stacks of magazines.  What’s your most creative DIY furniture/interior design/storage solution?

Yes, everyone will wear dyed Isabel Marant (lookalike) jeans this spring, but I don’t care as long as it looks as good as this. Here is my DIY project I did yesterday, following this recipe by THEFASHIONGUITAR. Was really easy and I can’t wait to get home and attack some old tees and another pair of jeans. Happy easter people! Hope you’re having a good time up in the mountains, at a cafe, with your family, your friends, or just not celebrating easter at all. I guess happy sunday covers it.

I just love this sweater! Found it at a second hand shop in Oslo. It’s warm and the colours are amazing. Did you know there are only about 35 wolfs in Norway? 35. I think that’s crazy.