One of the things I love (yes LOVE) about having a small apartment, is that it forces you to be creative. Here’s a detail from my mini “walk-in” closet. I’ve used Ikea PS cabinets (took off the doors), some wood found by the sea and stacks of magazines.  What’s your most creative DIY furniture/interior design/storage solution?


Prefect Saturday at Grünerløkka in Oslo. It’s sunny and cold, leaves are falling on the ground. I spotted the badass gold shoes on a girl in front of me in line at Liebling (favourite cafe in Oslo. They make the best coffee and the hugest sandwiches ever). Shoes are from Zara.

If anyone is wondering where my rings are from – they’re from everywhere! I buy a lot of my rings from Pachamama and Art Connection in Oslo and I always shop for rings when I’m in Paris (Le Marais, Bastille). Some of my rings (like the ring with a lot of rings and the one with dots on the pictures above) are gifts from my parents from trips to Italy, Portugal and other places they go. They have excellent taste I must say, lucky me 🙂