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One of the things I love (yes LOVE) about having a small apartment, is that it forces you to be creative. Here’s a detail from my mini “walk-in” closet. I’ve used Ikea PS cabinets (took off the doors), some wood found by the sea and stacks of magazines.  What’s your most creative DIY furniture/interior design/storage solution?


Yes, everyone will wear dyed Isabel Marant (lookalike) jeans this spring, but I don’t care as long as it looks as good as this. Here is my DIY project I did yesterday, following this recipe by THEFASHIONGUITAR. Was really easy and I can’t wait to get home and attack some old tees and another pair of jeans. Happy easter people! Hope you’re having a good time up in the mountains, at a cafe, with your family, your friends, or just not celebrating easter at all. I guess happy sunday covers it.